Q. Do you have any particular industries of corporate clients or type of events you specialize in ?

A. We are very versatile in both client types we work with and event types we produce. Contact us with any inquiries.

Q. Are you able to help from the venue selection process in planning an event ?

A. We certainly can. We can create a list of appropriate candidate venues for your event specification anywhere within Japan.

Q. Do you offer partial service rather than coordinating an entire event ?

A. We can flexibly customize our service to meet your needs. For instance we can assist you with just on-site event operations, or only a stage installation at an exhibition.

Q. Can you run the reception office for an event ?

A. We can set up and operate an event reception office at our office location.
We can offer efficient services by working in close and seamless cooperation with our on-site operations staff.

Q. Do you offer accommodation or logistic support ?

A. We have a strong network with travel agencies and we can help you with all your logistics and accommodation needs.

Q. How do you manage personal information of the event participants ?

A. As a Privacy Mark-certified company, we ensure that our clients’ information remains secure.

Sound/ Lighting Services-Related

Q. Do you offer equipment rentals ?

A. We do not offer equipment rental services.
Our sound and lighting engineering services comes as a package with professional technicians and equipment.

Q. What are the minimum and maximum sizes you can handle ?

A. We handle a very wide range of event sizes from a small event (Bose 101’s) to a large scale live entertainment (EAW KF740 Line Arrays), all with our own equipment.
Please contact us for a free consultation.

Q. Would your services be more costly than renting just equipment ?

A. Our rates include the labor cost of the operator but you can rest assured that you are getting high-quality services with us.
Please contact us for a free consultation.

AV Content Creation-Related

Q. Do you offer bulk DVD or Blu-ray duplication service ?

A. We can offer bulk duplication services to meet your needs.

Q. Can you help create video content for web distribution ?

A. Depending on your needs, our web design team alone- or with the cooperation of one of our production affiliates- can assist you with video recording, editing, and converting for net distribution.

Q. Do you offer real-time distribution services ?

A. We are experienced in broadcasting live performances online and you can fully count on our services.