Our Services / Event Production & Operations


Event Planning & Production

At Onestep, we provide one-stop solutions for successful event planning and production.
We work hand in hand with our clients to fully satisfy each of their individual needs.
Our expertise in creative space design and sound/ lighting/ AV engineering ensures your success of your next events whether it be a corporate seminar, annual convention or global trade show.

Exhibit Booth for Spice Corporation at 1st Production Companies Expo
We designed and created the exhibit booth for Spice Corporation, a group corporation which specializes in creative solutions such as graphic design, website design, motion capture, 3D computer graphics.
Within the limited space, each service line was positioned efficiently, and the centrally-located screen displaying their original motion capture samples quickly caught every visitor’s attention.

Annual Global Partner Meeting Hosted by a Top Accounting Firm
We planned, produced and directed the Global Partner Meeting attended by 800 partners and firm members worldwide.
Based on the theme of the annual event, we opened the event using the latest sound, lighting and AV technologies.
The opening video set the tone for an effective meeting and received positive feedback from all attendees.

Exhibit Booth for MTS Japan at Wind Expo 2013
We designed, produced and operated the exhibition booth for MTS Japan, which is the Japanese subsidiary of MTS Systems Corporation in the U.S., an industry leader of testing and sensing services.
At Wind EXPO 2013, Japan’s largest exhibition/ conference for wind energy, we utilized the limited space to create an effective exhibit space, and even secured a meeting space within the booth.

Exhibit booth for MTS Systems Japan at Japan International Aerospace Exhibition 2012
The Japan International Aerospace Exhibition 2012 was in held in Nagoya, the city known as Asia’s largest aerospace manufacturing region.
We designed, produced and operated the exhibit booth for MTS Systems Japan, the industry leader in testing and sensing technologies which handles a full range of testing requirements for aerospace engineering including full-scale structural and subassembly evaluations and material characterization.

Event Operations

With our on-site event operations services, our clients can rest assured that their event will run efficiently and smoothly.
We can handle every detail of behind-the-scenes work including supplier sourcing, procurement of supplies, strategic planning to draw visitors and managing comprehensive visitor list.
On-site, we manage safe and timely logistics, coordinate construction and installation, assign and manage staff, and oversee overall operations.
We also provide post-event services such as collecting and analyzing survey data.

The Space Education Center’s Space Education Leaders Seminars
The Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) is an independent administrative institution that handles research and development of aerospace technologies.
We run and manage operations of their Space Education Seminars which are held about 40 times per year all over Japan.
We promote the event, maintain attendee lists, and manage the entire on-site operations.

Operations of Public Symposium Sponsored by the Japanese Ministry of Defense
We directed and managed the operations of the symposium on the U.S.-Japan Alliance and the deployment of the MV-22 Osprey to Okinawa attended by 250 participants.
The symposium agenda included lectures, panel discussions and Q&A sessions, and it was a great success with active discussions by the attendees and the speakers throughout the event.
In addition to pre-event planning and on-site operations of the event, we edited the videos as well as the dictation for the entire event.

Opening Ceremony for Citrix systems Japan’s Executive Briefing Center (TOKYO EBC)
We managed the overall operations of the opening ceremony of the Executive Briefing Center in Tokyo.
The facility was established to better connect the company’s technology experts with the customers through informative discussions and live demonstrations.
The week-long ceremony ended successfully, visited by a large number of customers, business partners, and the press.
In addition to the on-site operations of the ceremony, we also coordinated procurement of furniture, fixtures and equipment and novelty gifts, and managed catering services.

Operations of the Kure City Municipal System 110th Anniversary Celebration
We operated the celebration event of the city’s 110th anniversary of its municipal system held in cooperation with JAXA.
The event was designed to accommodate the residents’ active participation and ended as a great success.
The event also featured an exhibition of JAXA spinoff technologies.
In addition to the on-site operations, we also coordinated procurement of furniture, fixtures and equipment.